Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Covers (and a Poster)

Well, not so much a tale as a - oh, anyway, here they are:

I am so happy with this I could just burst!  Thank you Marina.

The Chinese cover of Famous

Yes, that is photoshopped.  But it is the best welcome I've had to a school ever.


  1. Julia, the Losing It cover is amazing!! Just gorgeous. That's going to have so much shelf appeal. I want to pick it up right now.

    And you know I love the Gero welcome. I want to see you in that frock at the next SCBWI meeting.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous (one for each picture)

    Has Losing It got a blurb yet?

  3. the cover of losing it ).0 = genius <3

    huge congrats

    and that banner from the school. wow. incredibly awesome


  4. Very appealing cover! So glad you didn't give up writing way back when... or we wouldn't be seeing this.
    Robyn Bavati

  5. Hey, appearing at my old school! You would have sparked it up back in the day. And now, now doubt.