Saturday, August 14, 2010

The point of writing

... is getting reviews like this:

I love to play chess, so when I went to the library yesterday and saw this book I instantly wanted to read it. I was right about the book. It was so good that I was reading till 11:30. My mum told me to go to sleep an hour and a half earlier. Being an Aussie boy it was nice to have the book being set in Oz. I am sort of like Jackson myself so I could really connect with the story. I'm kind of also like Anna as the only person I can't beat is my dad (but Ive beaten him at least 3 times out around 100). I really like this book.  Julia Lawrinson did really well.


  1. That may well be the perfect review. Nice work, Jules.

  2. ....which reminds me - I just read 'Bye, Beautiful' - really enjoyed it. To me it feel like it had an Aussie outback version of 'Atonement' vibe to it; with the lil sister being so innocent and insufferable and, unwittingly or not, being involved in the 'downfall' of the big sister and her beau.

  3. Thanks, GYL. I loved Atonement, so that's high praise indeed.